To promote the friendship and friendly cooperation between Malaysia and people around the world, the establishment of the Malaysia Foreign Friendship Association (MFFA) was initiated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Parliament of Malaysia, Dato Hj Mohd Rashid bin Hasnon, and approved by the Deputy Speaker’s Office. Under the leadership of the Deputy Speaker’s Office of the Parliament, the nature of the association is similar to that of the Japan-China Friendship Parliamentarians’ Union. The aim of the Association is to promote international multilateral friendly relations, mainly to enhance the relationship between Malaysia and foreign countries, and to develop cooperation and communication between the Malaysian people and the world.


The World Women Organization (WWO) headquarters in Malaysia is held under the direct leadership by the Malaysia Deputy Speaker’s Office of the Parliament and Malaysia Foreign Friendship Association (MFFA).


Malaysia elected Angela R.M. to be the Director-General of the WWO. Malaysia is a founding member of ASEAN, which promotes the reform of developing countries. Malaysia is also the host country for the WWO headquarters. The WWO focuses on women, child and family sustainable development.