Gender Harmony Committee


Gender equality has acted as economical prosperity by giving back the rights, a voice and a sense of safety to girls over the past few decades. However, bullying and harassment, sexual orientation and gender itself has become one of the issues of gender equality. Hence, the understanding of these behavior and their occurrence needs to be determined and identified. The utmost best fairness in gender could be achieved in gender harmony. It shares the traits of mature understanding, assistance and acceptance of each other. Building the relationship, creating respect and gender empowerment through harmony. Ultimately, we live in a world divided by prejudices and inequalities. The committee is dedicated to promoting gender harmony in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee


Corporate Social Responsibility is the means for businesses to take an active approach to making a better world – ecologically, socially, and economically. The WWO believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is key to creating a supportive and sustainable community for women in order to enhance the overall development of women around the world. The WWO created the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee to support the WWO’s work toward the unity and progress of women around the world, as well as the development and progress of global societies and human destiny through the enhanced role and influence of women. The Sub-Committee promotes women’s leadership through CSR activities, gender equality in business environments and CSR programs. It also promotes gender equality in business, and aids women’s leadership through CSR activities and specific CSR programs. 

Health Committee


A healthy body and a healthy mind are fundamental to a productive and fulfilled life. Without health, one can hardly achieve life’s full potential, let alone contribute to society. Women’s health intersects many areas of her own overall development as well as the health of her community. The WWO advocates for institutional change and policy support to ensure that women have access to affordable and quality health care and health insurance.

Education Committee


Education sets in motion an important cycle. Girls and women gain greater knowledge, skills, self-esteem and capabilities to improve their own life prospects. In turn, an educated woman is likely to provide better nutrition, health care, and education for her family. Healthier and better-educated children thrive into adulthood and ultimately contribute to a nation’s economic growth. The WWO protects and empowers women’s access to quality education on a global scale. Through knowledge-sharing, policy consultations and training, the WWO provides the tools and platforms women need to stay up-to-date on her and her family’s educational needs.

Economic & Trade Committee


Women’s economic independence is essential to protect women’s dignity, safety and well-being. By giving men and women equal opportunity to work and participate in economic decision-making at all levels, societies can thrive as fully-employed economies. The WWO advocates for women’s access and control over productive resources, for safe and discrimination-free work places, for choice of decent work and fair compensation.