Vision Statement: Improved understanding, fairness, and cooperation between Gender in all aspects of life. This includes areas such as health, education, civics, environment, and economic well-being.


The World Women Organization (UNWWO) believes that the overall development of the individual woman relies on the full realization of fundamental rights, health, education and economic independence within a supportive and sustainable community. In order to achieve these goals, the UNWWO focuses on economic, political, social, and ecological reform through public advocacy and individual programming. To achieve reform, the UNWWO develops sub-committees to build solutions for the biggest challenges women face today. 


The UNWWO collaborates with leaders across a wide variety of sectors, including governmental, non-profit, civil society, academia, and business. The UNWWO also builds partnerships with organizations to provide services for women. The UNWWO unites and empowers women to advance gender equality reform for economic, political, social, and ecological progress.