The World Women Organization (UNWWO) is an International Organization with Public Charity fundamentals that focuses mainly on achieving Gender Harmony, Women Development Rights and Family Pride as its flagship program. In recognition of the concept of gender equality, the UNWWO firmly takes gender harmony as the cornerstone of a harmonious society. We promote women’s right to development and human peace. As a non-profit organization, the UNWWO works with governments, NGOs, civil societies, academia, and businesses to achieve the highest standards of women’s overall development worldwide. 


The UNWWO is established in New York and it recognizes and advocates for the United Nations’ global efforts to achieve peace, dignity, and equality on a healthy planet.

Conceived by WWO, the meaning is that Gender Harmony is the cornerstone of a harmonious society,to achieve Human Peace。

The mark consists of a blue globe design with curved blue parallel and meridian lines surrounded by two blue palm fronds, with a stylized, blue design of a woman inside the globe. Three blue stars appear to the left and to the right of the woman and two blue intersecting ribbons appear below the globe. Beneath this design is the wording “WORLD WOMEN ORGANIZATION” in blue text. The color white represents background, outlining, shading, and/or transparent area and is not part of the mark.



The UNWWO is committed to advancing the overall development of women worldwide to achieve a peaceful, dignified, and equitable future for all humankind. 



Women as one of the human groups, committed to promoting the common sustainable development of mankind and the world. The UNWWO strives for the common sustainable development of women and world, so they may achieve their full potential in all areas, including fundamental rights, health, education, and economic independence within a supportive and sustainable community. The UNWWO works collaboratively towards measurable impacts at both a local and global level, by connecting leaders and advocates from all over the world to promote women’s overall development.

The UNWWO’s Ten Principles


  • Principle 1: Promoting women’s development rights base on respecting and maintaining gender harmony.
  • Principle 2: Do not conduct nor participate in any action that ignores or tramples on women;
  • Principle 3: Uphold gender harmony through seeking common ground while reserving differences.
  • Principle 4: Support the elimination of all forms of gender discrimination;
  • Principle 5: Support the eradication of domestic violence;
  • Principle 6: acknowledge that gender harmony, which includes proper development of potential and self-actualization, serves as a worldwide solution for improving society, family values, and national productivity;
  • Principle 7: Support the elimination of any discrimination in employment and occupation;
  • Principle 8: Women’s entrepreneurship-friendly technologies should be encouraged to be developed and promoted;
  • Principle 9: All forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery, should be discouraged.
  • Principle 10: Willing to connect with sustainable development organizations across the world to promote better understanding to improve gender relations and cooperation for inclusive development and peaceful solutions.