Enable a sustainable support to all Mamas in our everyday life.  Happy Mama Program focus on connecting mamas all around the World through providing 1)resources, 2)activities, 3)professional assistance and 4)new friends to create sustainable joy.  So that  “Relief” & “Retreat” are much easier to be achieved.

To find out what supports are available from your region, please email us at HMP@UNWWO.ORG

5 Segments of Mom


Happy Mama Program will provide supports you need if you are a Mom wannabe, Mom with infant(s), Mom with kid(s) in K12, Mom with grown-up child(s), or Mom who are ready to retire or in retirement.

Please join our activities at your region and become a member of WWO Happy Mama Program.  We will keep you up to date info on our latest activities, resources, professional assistance for free at your region.

please email us at HMP@UNWWO.ORG and enroll yourself to become our member.

Regional Initiatives (Funded by WWO)


Our regional support consist of RELIEF initiatives and RETREAT initiatives:

  • RELIEF initiatives provide direct supports to ease and hopefully resolve challenges that different moms are facing
  • RETREAT initiatives provide joys for moms to enjoy

Aspects including but not limited to: Business resources, Health, Culture, Education, Life Style, Retirement.

Global Master Program

Mama’s Story of the Day is one of our key global programs.  Moms around the world come to us and share their stories and their experiences in our activities.  From role models, Mama CEOs, to mom next store, their stories will inspire you.

Inside you can also hear stories of how our professionals assist our moms.  And review periodical research learning from our university partners.

This will be one of the world’s largest pool of stories shared by moms.  From common issues to keys for happiness, these moms’ stories are categorized by 1)Business resources, 2)Health, 3)Culture, 4)Education, 5)LifeStyle, 6)Retirement. We are waiting for yours.

Topics include but not limited to healthy sex, pregnancy, children education, retirement life, stress & mood swing,  lack of mental supports, single mom challenges, domestic violence, harassment, lack of business opportunity, shopping experience, healthy diet, health for family, vocational training, entertainment, and nearby resources from HPM Partners.  From professional advice to the smallest thing make mom feeling happiest.

Our KOLS Program

Happy Mama Program provides training to moms who are interested to become online KOLs or simply improve their social network.

Professionals are invited to provide free assistance to moms including professors, medical doctors, nutritionists, attorneys, psychologists, CEOs, and more.

If you are interested to join our KOL program, please feel free to sign up and email us at HMP@UNWWO.ORG

Join us and our Volunteer Program


Happy Mama Program constantly open to welcome more volunteers around the world to participate our operations. 

As a volunteer, you are invited to join all our global and regional activities that support moms with challenges and moms who just want to make more friends.

You will work closely with our partners including NGOs, worldwide associations, and businesses who devote their efforts to provide more supports to moms. Volunteers will also participate in meetings or joining World famous leaders seminars, from government officials, committees of partnered organizations, to corporations senior management.

Join us to support in one or more activities in your region and the selected candidates will join our global volunteer program, going aboard to help more moms in other parts of the World. If you are interested in joining our volunteer program, please feel free to sign up and email us at HMP@UNWWO.ORG